2022 Season 2 Registration open

Team registration for the next season of Albert Park League (2022 Season 2) is now open.

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Promotion and relegation from Season 1, 2022, will be determined by APL Team Registration rules.

New teams entering APL will be automatically placed in Division 3.


Season 1 will commence on Monday May 2nd, and is scheduled to finish on Monday August 15th, for 15 weeks of games. No games are currently scheduled for Monday June 13th (Queen’s Birthday public holiday), however this may change if COVID-19 restrictions cause delays to the season.

The team registration fee for the season is $1,560 per team (inc GST, equating to $110 per week)

Friday April 1st, 2022: Season 2 team registration opens. Click here to register.

Sunday April 24th, 2022: Team registration closes. All teams must have a minimum of 5 men and 5 women registered to be accepted for Season 2, however UV recommends at least 7 of each gender to account for week-to-week absences and unavailability throughout the season.

Wednesday April 27th, 2022: Division allocations released, and Ultimate Central registration unlocked to accept additional roster additions and team payments. Round 1 fixture released.

Monday May 2nd: Season 2 commences, and deadline for team payments. Remaining Season 2 fixtures released.


  • All players will need to send a PDF copy of their vaccination or contraindication (medical exemption) certificate to certify@ultimatevictoria.com.au (Read more about UV’s COVID-19 Certification process here). Players who have already sent their certification through while registering for other events in Victoria (including previous APL seasons) will not need to repeat this.
  • All players will be required to check in upon arrival for games using the Services Vic app. QR codes will be available to scan on the scoreboards at each field.
  • The area between Fields 1 and 2, and between Fields 3 and 4, are off limits. Spectators and players not on the field must remain off the synthetic turf at all times. Anyone repeatedly violating this rule may be asked to leave the fields.


  • Teams needing substitute players can post in the APL Facebook group and be contacted by players looking for a game, or they can seek substitutes through their own means.
  • Substitute players must have an account on AFDA.com (no cost) before they play.
  • Division 1 registered players cannot play as a substitute in Division 3 games under any circumstances.
  • Players are permitted to play a second game on a Monday if the team they wish to substitute for would otherwise have to forfeit their game.
  • Players not registered to a Season 2 team who play as a substitute for more than three rounds of the season may be asked to pay an individual registration fee to play in further rounds.
  • Teams who regularly require substitute players to avoid a forfeit may risk losing priority registration status for future seasons.


Please see the registration page for details on the refund policy.


UV has been making decisions on the structure of APL on behalf of APL volunteers throughout the last 12 months, and is now preparing to hand back governance of the league to the Albert Park League Committee. If you are interested in contributing to decisions that shape what APL looks like going forward, please contact Ultimate Victoria.


If you have further queries about Season 2 that have not been answered in this article, please contact us.