Albert Park League (Monday) – changes to fees (July 2020)

Over the recent extended break from ultimate due to COVID-19, Ultimate Victoria conducted a full review of Albert Park League operations. Most of the changes affected back-end documentation and administration and won’t affect the APL experience for players.

Part of the review were the fees that teams pay for participation in Monday night leagues. This was the first review of fees in over five years, with the cost of playing in APL on a Monday unchanged since early 2016. During that time, increases in the costs of running the league were absorbed by Ultimate Victoria, but the review found we were at a point where the long term viability of not only APL but the growth of the sport in Victoria needed stronger consideration.

One consideration was GST. To date, APL has never charged teams or players GST. UV has paid this on players’ behalf. This is no longer a sustainable practice for UV, and GST will now be included in season registration costs.

The other consideration was a small increase in fees to reflect the rising cost of running the competition, but also for the development of the sport across Victoria. The increase was measured as a calculation of the average number of players registered on teams over the last five years, and the average per-player-per-week registration fee over the same period.

Initially the UV board approved an incremental increase over the next three seasons, but due to extra staffing requirements to meet COVID-19 safety measures recommended by the Victorian government at APL on Monday nights, the full increase will take effect immediately, starting with Season 2 for 2020.

So what does this mean for you as a player? Based on the average registered team size across all divisions over the last five years, it will cost about $1.70 more per week to play, and puts the average cost per week at around $8. This still places APL as one of the cheapest organised weekly sports to play year-round within 10 kilometres of the Melbourne CBD.

As well as putting on a great competition for more than 40 weeks per year every year, APL fees go towards the growth of the sport across Victoria. The revenue helps fund

  • High school gala days and the UV High School State Championships
  • Support for university clubs to promote the sport on campus
  • Development of resources for coaches and clubs to teach skills to new players
  • Learn-to-play programs such as VicFlick, Girls Love Ultimate and Active Frisbee
  • Support for our state representative under-18 and under-22 teams
  • Administrative support for clubs growing the sport in regional Victoria
  • Partnerships with community organisations to provide opportunities for young people in lower socio-economic areas of Melbourne to play
  • Governance projects that strengthen the sport’s long term sustainability in Victoria
  • Various other objectives outlined in UV’s Strategic Plan for 2019-2022

Clubs keen to access such support or partner with UV in any of the above activities or initiatives should contact the Development Officer.

The fee increase only applies to Monday nights. The UV board is still reviewing the provision of playing opportunities on Wednesday nights at Albert Park.

If you or your team have any concerns regarding the review of APL registration fees, please contact UV’s Program Manager.