APL S1 update

Many of you will by now have seen or heard about the recent AFDA Coronavirus Statement Update from Ultimate Australia regarding Ultimate activities following the continuing spread of the Coronavirus (CoViD-19).

To quote from that statement:
The AFDA is suspending all on-field Flying Disc Activities until 18 May 2020. This includes (but is not exclusive to) tournaments, leagues, training and pickup games (at all levels).

Season 1 Monday games were due to resume next week (Monday 23rd March) and continue through April with finals on April 20. In line with the above AFDA directive, all remaining Season 1 games are suspended.

Season 2 Monday games were due to start on Monday May 4th – in line with the above this will now be delayed.

Wednesday games will also be postponed in accordance with  the above.

The UV board will be meeting next week to determine the status of this season and remaining seasons for 2020.

We understand this is both disappointing and frustrating, particularly given the other disruptions already endured this season, and we thank you for your understanding during these uncertain times.

We will continue to provide updates as the situation changes.