APL Season 1 2021 Registration Open

Registrations are now open for the next season of Albert Park League!

Follow the below link to register your team, and to find the costs and dates for the season.

APL Monday Season 1 2021

Registrations close at 11pm on Tuesday December 28th

Read more for full details on this season, including COVID-19 measures


Registration for this season is taking place on a much shorter timeline than usual so we can get games happening sooner. We appreciate your co-operation and understanding!

11pm on Monday December 28th: Registrations close for the next season: strictly no extensions to registration time, and only teams registering the minimum players (5 men and 5 women) will be considered.

Tuesday December 29th: Announcement of successful continuing and new teams, along with division allocations.  Once teams are in their final division and players have been approved, the registration system will be reopened to allow payments and roster adjustments for all teams.

Tuesday January 5th: Round 1 fixture released.

Monday January 11th: Round 1 games, and deadline for team payments


Due to the disruption of the scheduled APL calendar for 2020, and COVID-19 safety measures in place upon recommendation by the Victorian government and Ultimate Victoria the following rule adjustments are in place for this season.

  • APL Team Registration Rules – no automatic promotion and relegation from Season 1 2020 is in place. Returning teams are advised to register in the division they were in for Season 1 2020. Teams may apply for registration in a different division subject to usual registration rules with a final decision being made by the APLC.
  • APL Rules – The rule regarding loss of priority registration following three forfeits is suspended for this season only.
  • APL Rules – Rule 9 (all players must be on a team roster) will be strictly enforced for record keeping purposes.
  • All players are asked to ensure their contact details are up to date on Ultimate Central when they register. This is to record keeping requirements from the Victorian government are accurate in the event contact tracing is required. Instructions on how to do that can be found here.
  • No players are to play in multiple timeslots on a single night. There are no exceptions to this rule. If a player is found to be playing in a second game, the game will be immediately halted, the offending player’s entire team asked to leave the fields, and a win by forfeit awarded to the opposition. The offending player will also be referred to the APLC or UV board for possible disciplinary action.
  • The area between Fields 1 and 2, and between Fields 3 and 4, are off limits. Players not on the field and spectators must remain off the synthetic turf at all times. Anyone repeatedly violating this rule may be asked to leave the fields.
  • All players are to use hand sanitiser before and after playing. Ultimate Victoria has supplied hand sanitiser for use at APL this season.

Ultimate Victoria are appointing COVID-19 Safety Officers to be at the fields each Monday evening for the duration of the season to have hand sanitiser available for all players before and after games, to assist with required record keeping of attendance, and to ensure social distancing rules are adhered to.

While Ultimate Victoria and APL volunteers will do as much as they can to ensure player safety, we ask that players take some personal responsibility for ensuring the safety of themselves and other players at this time.


Access to the fields in preparation for the Australian F1 Grand Prix at Albert Park is reduced from mid-February. Game lengths will be shortened for that portion of the season to allow a full round robin in all divisions to take place. This has been accounted for in setting the team fee for the season.

Rounds 1 to 6 (January 11th to February 15th) – 70 minute games

  1. 6:30pm to 7:40pm
  2. 7:40pm to 8:50pm
  3. 8:50pm to 10:00pm

Rounds 7 to 9 and finals weeks (February 22nd to April 19th) – 50 minute games

  1. 7:30pm to 8:20pm
  2. 8:20pm to 9:10pm
  3. 9:10pm to 10:00pm

Games will return to 70 minutes in Season 2.


Please see the registration page for details on refunds