APL Season 1 Playoffs and Season 2 Registration

Fixtures for the playoffs of 2021 Season 1 have been published on Ultimate Central.

Season 2 dates have been confirmed, and registration will also be opening shortly for all teams.

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Season 1 playoffs will be played over two weeks, however the cancellation of a round in February due to the state government’s snap lockdown has forced us to reshuffle the final weeks of Season 1 and the commencement of Season 2. In consideration has been the Easter long weekend, as well as the Australian Ultimate Championships and Australian Ultimate Championships Division II.

The playoffs for Season 1 will take place as follows

Monday March 29th: Semi finals and preliminary minor placing games for both divisions

  • Semi final – 1st place versus 4th place
  • Semi final – 2nd place versus 3rd place
  • 6th place versus 7th place
  • 8th place versus 9th place
  • Bye – 5th place

Monday April 5th: Easter Monday public holiday – no games

Monday April 12th: Finals for Division 2 only

  • 7:30pm: 5th place vs winner of 6v7; and loser of 6v7 vs winner of 8v9
  • 8:50pm: Grand final and 3rd place playoff

Monday April 19th: Finals for Division 1 only

  • 7:30pm: 5th place vs winner of 6v7; and loser of 6v7 vs winner of 8v9
  • 8:50pm: Grand final and 3rd place playoff

Monday April 26th: Season 2 commences


APL will return to three divisions and three timeslots (with 70 minute games) for Season 2.

The promotion/relegation rules for APL were suspended for this season. Teams will be asked to self-nominate the division they wish to play in for Season 2. The APL Committee reserves the right to use historical APL results to place teams in a division other than the one they self-nominate for.

Teams intending to enter Division 2 or Division 3 for Season 2 will be invited to play introductory games on Monday April 12th and/or Monday April 19th. The purpose of these games will be for new teams and teams returning from hiatus to familiarise themselves with APL, and to determine the most suitable division for teams for Season 2. Returning teams may be asked to play in these games. No team or player fees will be charged for these games.


Season 2 will be 15 weeks long, commencing on April 26th and concluding on Monday August 9th. There will be no games on Monday June 7th (Queen’s Birthday public holiday). The team fee for Season 2 is $1,650 (inc GST). For more information regarding the increase in team fees for 2020-21, please click here.

Friday March 26th: Season 2 team registration opens. Click here to register.

Wednesday April 7th: Introductory games for 12/4 and 19/4 scheduled.

Thursday April 15th: Team registration closes. All teams must have a minimum of 5 men and 5 women registered to be accepted for Season 2.

Friday April 16th: Initial division allocations will be offered from this date, and Ultimate Central registration unlocked to accept additional roster additions and team payments.

Wednesday April 20th: All division allocations confirmed and Round 1 fixture released.

Monday April 26th: Season 2 commences.

Wednesday April 28th: Remaining Season 2 fixtures released.


While many state government restrictions and recommendations for community sport have been relaxed since the start of 2021, some adjusted rules for APL remain in place for Season 2.

  • All players will be required to check in upon arrival for games using the Services Vic app. QR codes will be available to scan on the scoreboards at each field.
  • No players are to play in multiple timeslots on a single night. There are no exceptions to this rule. If a player is found to be playing in a second game, the game will be immediately halted, the offending player’s entire team asked to leave the fields, and a win by forfeit awarded to the opposition. The offending player will also be referred to the APLC or UV board for possible disciplinary action.
  • The area between Fields 1 and 2, and between Fields 3 and 4, are off limits. Spectators and players not on the field must remain off the synthetic turf at all times. Anyone repeatedly violating this rule may be asked to leave the fields.


Please see the registration page when it opens on Friday March 26th for details on the refund policy.


The Albert Park League Committee is responsible for the oversight of Monday night competitions. They determine the league format, rules, divisional allocations, player eligibility and key dates for each season of competition. The APLC meets twice per season at dates and time decided by committee members.

There are currently vacancies on the committee, with an opportunity shape what Seasons 2 and 3 for 2021 look like for teams and players. To apply for a position, please fill out this form.


If you have further queries about Season 2 that have not been answered in this article, please contact us.