APL Wed S2 Finals night

Finals night next week!
Here is the schedule for the night (19 Sep).

Round 1 (7 pm – 8.10 pm)
Bye: Swinburne Enigma
Game A 2v3: Dragons vs Swole (Field 1)
Game B 4v5: Red Foo vs Beaver Eaters (Field 2)
Game C 6v7: Red Skins vs Red E or Not (Field 3)

Round 2 (8.20 pm – 9.30 pm)
1st place: Swinburne vs Winner A (Field 1)
3rd place: Winner B vs Loser A (Field 2)
5th place: Winner C vs Loser B (Field 3)
7th place: Loser C

Because time is short, games will end at time cap, unless it would be a draw, in which case finish the point to decide the winner.

The website will be updated to reflect this schedule soon. See you there!