APL Committee and Contacts

The Albert Park League (APL) is run by Ultimate Victoria and has been running since 1997, dynamically changing to meet the requirements of the community. All members of the community are welcome to join the Albert Park League Committee (APLC) and contribute to how the APL is run.  The APLC is a sub-committee of Ultimate Victoria, and hence subject to it’s policies, and review by the UV Board.  This includes policies relating to league management, league fee refund, and club affiliation. The APL is currently run by a group of volunteers, and we welcome anyone who is interested in being involved or helping with organising this fine league!  The APLC is currently made up of:

We are governed by the UV APLC Terms of Reference (this is in draft form, collating previous UV policies and waiting on UV ratification). This is only available as a PDF: when ratified this forms the basis for our activities.


The Albert Park League Committee value your feedback.

Please fill out the form below to contact the Chair of the committee.


The APLC communicates with participants through the following mechanisms:

We are working to unify our communications to ensure consistency and to minimise the workload on APLC members.

Parks Victoria Lease Agreement

For reference, UV has a lease agreement for fields with Parks Victoria, whose Albert Park seasons are as follows:

  • Summer: 1st October – 28th February
  • Winter: 1st May – 30th September
  • March/April: Grand Prix and ground maintenance

UV has the following facilities booked in our lease agreement:

  • Store room 5: year round excluding Grand Prix period.
  • Monday Nights (1830-2200): Field 4/5 and 7/8, 1st May-28th February
  • Wednesday nights (1900-2200): Field 14/15, 1st May-28th February

Additional lease arrangements are made during the ground maintenance period on a year-by-year arrangement. These are the fields and facilities that the APLC manage for UV.