Changes to Div 1 fixture

As some of you may recall, the Division 1 games on 8th October were abandoned due to lightning. A 9-9 draw has been recorded for each of those games, in accordance with the league rules (rule 5).

Revisions have now been made to the Div 1 fixture (only), to enable those matchups to be replayed.

This affects some games and byes in Rounds 12 (26th Nov), 13 (3rd Dec) and 14 (10th Dec).  The timeslots remain unchanged.  Some of the games/byes remain unchanged.  Refer to the Ultimate Central APL website for details.

Each team will still play 12 games and have 2 byes, and play every other team either once or twice, over the 14 weeks of the regular season.

Divisions 2 and 3 games remain unchanged.

Finals night will still be on 17th December, with matchups to be determined following the conclusion of the regular season.