The primary site of Ultimate in Melbourne from 1997 on has been the fields in Albert Park. Since the first VFDA website was set up in late 1998, the results of seasons from 1999 on have been recorded in some detail. All games were played at Albert Park, except some periods over the 2000 and 2001 Summer seasons, during which the league moved to Brens and Smith Ovals in Carlton for the Australian Grand Prix.

We are aware this page needs a lot of work.  We will get on to it: the priority for the APLC is to make sure that current league information is up to date, and that we are expanding to best utilise all our field space.

Year Seas. Div. Premiers Runners-up Spirit
2017 S01 Div 1
Div 2
Div 3
2016 S03 Div 1 Bubbles Racquet & Disc Club BUDS
Div 2 Wild M&M&Ms Ninja Smurfs Spin Doctors
Div 3 Kiss Kiss bHang! bHang! Deakin Dragons Wyndham Storm
Social Team 1 Team A Slipped Disc
Sunday Mens Gambit Beast N/A
S02 Div 1 Rise & Shine Shenron Swinburne Alpha Baconeers
Div 2 Bubbles Tempo Social Ultimatum
Div 3 Swinburne Beta Baconeers Kiss Kiss bHang! bHang! Deakin Dragons
Uni Mix
Uni Single
S01 Div 1
Div 2
Div 3
2015 S04 Div 1
Div 2
Div 3
S03 Div 1
Div 2
Div 3
S02 Div 1
Div 2
S01 Div 1
Div 2
2014 S04 MAD League
Div 2
Ares (stats)
S03 Div 1
Div 2
S02 Div 1
Div 2
S01 Div 1
Div 2
2013 S04
2012 S04
2011 S04
2010 Spr.
2009 Spr.
2008 Spr.
2007 Spr.
2006 Spr. Mixed Honey Badgers Mash (14) Honey Badgers Bangers (13) Danger Zone
Melbourne Uni.
Monash Uni.
Win. Mixed Honey Badgers (12) Pity The Fool (8) Pity The Fool
Sum. Mixed Honey Badgers 1 (13) Honey Badgers A (9) Honey Badgers A
Mens Western Bogans (11) Eastern Warriors (10) Nelson’s Nightmare, Eastern Warriors
2005 Spr. Mixed 1 Black Magic (13) Arriba Arriba (9) Arriba Arriba
Mixed 2 Room With A View, Honey Badgers (2-2) Mixed Bag
Mens Opal Nera (11) Spud (10) Eastern Zone, Super Loaded
Win. Mixed Honey Badgers (11) Beehave (10) Melbourne Uni
Open Comrades (12) Lambogreeny (6) Leave Pass
Social I’m A Fly (blue) (12) SWINdlers (red) (8) ??
Sum. Mixed Beehave (10) Honey Badgers (5) Ginger Nuts
Social Red (12) Blue (7) ??
2004 Spr. Div. 1 Black Hole (15) Jagger (4) Stumps
Div. 2 Pornstar Cowboys (11) MoHo (4) Pornstar Cowboys
Captain Pink and Pinkets
Social Pink Ladies (black) (??) Blue (??) Green
Win. Hat Four Cheers Three (11) Pook (10) Be Afraid
Social Black (11) Yellow (9) Purple
Aut. Open. 1 Fuzzy Rhino (10) The Team Formerly Known as the White Team (6) That Time of the Month
The Team Formerly Known as the White Team
Div. 2 Porn Star Cowboys (9) Strewth (5) Strewth
Social Phantom (10) Wasabi (6) Wasabi
Sum. Div. 1 Ripe (15) Axle Grinders (10) Roger Rammed It
Div. 2 MUF (9) Kamikaze (7) Kitty Style
Social Skins (10) Eaters (6) Phantom
2003 Spr. Premier Major Jac (??) Jungle Boogers (??) Major Jac
Comp. Teflon (??) Monash (??) Kitty Style
Social Sex and Violets (??) Cautionary Notice (??) Hot Stuff
Win. Mon Hat Hands Down Your Pants (10) Devious (6) Devious
Wed Soc The Special Potatoes (11) Gonzo (8) German Porno Move
Aut. Club 1 Goldmember (11) Red Pill Poppers (10) Spot
Club 2 Massive Melons (13) Strawberries and Cream (10) Flicking Discheads
Wed Soc You Know I Love You Baby (9) Latrobe (8) Synergy
Sum. Club 1 Supafly (13) Goldmember (9) Hot and Buttered
Club 2 TBD (14) Big Bananas (5) Orange Boardshorts
Social Latrobe (12) Platanos (7) Synergy
2002 Spr. Club 1 Supafly (13) Chocolate Chilli (7) The Red Pill
Club 2 Harry’s Stash (9) Strawberries and Cream (7) Orange Boardshorts
Social Red (9) Jackson Seven (8) Latrobe
Win. Social Mixed (??) White Trash (??) Mixed
Aut. Club 1 Victor Mowers (11) The Red Pill (6) Victor Mowers
Club 2 Strawberries and Cream (10) Falling Up Stairs (6) Falling Up Stairs
Social White Trash (9) Ultimate Virgins (6) Ernie’s Rubber Duck
Sum. Club Victor Mowers (15) Chocolate Chilli (6) Hot and Buttered
Social Heaven (13) Harry’s Stash (9) Harry’s Stash
Ernie’s Rubber Duck
Luna Negra
2001 Spr. Club Chocolate Chilli (15) Victor Mowers (11) Big, Bad and Buttered
Social Tickle (17) Ernie’s Rubber Duck (8) Tickle
Ernie’s Rubber Duck
Aut. Club Poopa Scooba (11) The Dark Evil Team (4) The Dark Evil Team
Social Captain Chaos (15) Elvis’ Big Electric Mangos (7) Jaded
Sum. League Mad Pack of Ants (15) Captain Chaos (8) Elvis’ Big Electric Mangos
2000 Spr. League Mad Pack of Ants (13) Elvis’ Big Electric Mangos (9) N/A
Win. League Schlippary Pooh (9) EBBES (5) N/A
Sum. League Garden Gnomes (11) Sharp (10) N/A
1999 Spr. League Grasshoppers (13) Havarti (8) N/A
Win. League Captain Pugwash (17) Fruitcake-Bloodshot (11) N/A
Sum. League Beefcake (17) Fruitcake (13) N/A

Prior to the website being set up, results were distributed via word of mouth and paper. Further, prior to 1997 games were played at a variety of locations such as Como Park, Fawlkner Park, Dendy Park the Northcote Veladrome. As much information as possible is being collated about these seasons:

Year Season Premiers Runners-up Notes
1998 Spring Fluid Unit Fruitcake Other teams: Seven Deadly Stubbies, Zero Gravity, Liquid Nails, Green Eggs and Ham. Fluid Unit mainly Bendigo based players.
Summer Liquid Nails Green Eggs and Ham Other teams: Seven Deadly Stubbies, Zero Gravity. Played at Fawkner Park. Liquid Nails mainly Bendigo based players.
1997 Spring Zero Gravity Green Eggs and Ham Other teams: Seven Deadly Stubbies. Played at Fawkner Park.
Winter Seven Deadly Sins Green Eggs and Ham Played at Como Park.
Autumn Steers and Queers Green Eggs and Ham Played at Como Park.
1996 Spring Martin Luther Seven Deadly Sins Other teams: Verduous Leprechauns. Played at Dendy Park,
Winter Hat teams Played at Melbourne High School gym.
Autumn Played at Como Park.
1994 Spring Hakujin Played at Como Park.
1993 ?? Lunacy Played at Northcote Velodrome
1992 Autumn Frogs Speed Kills Other teams: CDs, Scumbags. Played at Northcote Velodrome
1991 ?? Speed Kills Super Heroes Played at Northcote Velodrome