Join the APL Committee!

The APL has undergone significant change in the last few years, with Monday nights moving to three divisions across three time slots whilst expanding to 27 teams split evenly across the divisions, and the introduction of relegation-promotion, and initiatives to increase participation for everyone; alongside formalising our terms of reference with Ultimate Victoria and officially employing an admin officer (the wonderful Khanh!).

We have also recently increased our access to fields on Wednesday nights: we now have the grass fields opposite the pit buildings (fields 14 and 15) for ten months of the year. This provides us with a great opportunity to develop ongoing ultimate competitions, and so the committee are looking for new members, including a new chair, to lead the APL in these new developments. Jinwei is doing a great job as League Coordinator for Wednesdays; providing him with support from the committee is a key aim.

Sam Waugh has been chair of the committee since January 2015, and will be stepping down from that position as soon as his replacement is in place (although will remain on the APLC for a time if needed in order to provide continuity). As such the APLC would like to invite applications for the next chair of the committee, and, as always, would like to invite anyone interested to join the committee as a general representative as well. Please email us if you are interested!

We would particularly like to strongly encourage people from any currently under-represented groups, especially women, to join the committee / apply as chair.  This is because the committee recognises the importance of diversity in achieving the best outcomes for everyone, and we greatly value your voices and input for planning the future of this mixed league. The current APLC members are all fantastic hard working contributors, and further support for them all in their ongoing support of APL would be invaluable.  The current list of APLC members is available here for those interested.