Monday APL final games for season 2 2019.

Monday 19 August is the final night of games for this season.

It is also the last day to register your team for Season 3 APL 2019! Please ensure your team and all of your players are registered by midnight on Monday.

Final games are as follows:

6:30pm Div 2:

  • F1: Mongolian Death Worms v Dragon Slayers
  • F2: Tempo v Funny Duck Black
  • F3: Oblivion v 1.6 Condition Zero
  • F4: Shenron v MUF
  • BYE: Deakin Dragons Orange

7:40pm Div 3:

  • F1: The Real Mufcoy v Ninja Smurfs
  • F2: Deakin Dragons Red v Social Ultimatum
  • F3: Honey Badgers v Samurai Smurfs
  • F4: Do Stuff’n’Stuff v Funny Duck Yellow
  • BYE: Wyndham Storm

8:50pm Div 1:

  • F1: Mocha v Wild M&M&M’s
  • F2: Wyndham Hurricanes v Spin Doctors
  • F3: One Fine Groundhog Day v Meraki
  • F4: Pirate Heart Ninjas v Dirty Squirrels

We hope you’ve had a great season, see you in the next one!