Monday APL games 7/1

2019 APL S1 Monday League starts this coming Monday 7th Jan, thus:

6:30 Div 1
F1 Dirty Squirrels vs xXDrAg0NSL4Y3RsXx
F2 Fine Wine vs Wyndham Hurricanes
F3 Meraki vs Wild M&M&Ms
F4 Mocha vs Tempo

7:40 Div 2
F1 Funny Duck Black vs Spin Doctors
F2 Mongolian Death Worms vs Shenron
F3 Ninja Smurfs vs RMIT RED BACKS
F4 Oblivion vs Pirate Hearts Ninja 2019S1
(bye: The Real Mufcoy)

8:50 Div 3
F1 1.6 Condition Zero vs Social Ultimatum
F2 Burwood Dragons vs Samurai Smurfs
F3 Do Stuff’n Stuff vs MUF
F4 Funny Duck Yellow vs Honey Badgers
(bye: Wyndham Storm)

Due to restricted field access resulting from the Grand Prix, the full season fixture is complicated and has not yet been finalised. Additional matchups for following weeks will be advised as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding and patience.