Monday games 6/5/19

Round 1 starts on Monday 6th May with the following games:

6:30 Div 1
F1 – Dirty Squirrels vs Spin Doctors
F2 – One Fine Groundhog Day vs Wyndham Hurricanes
F3 – Meraki vs Wild M&M&Ms
F4 – Mocha vs Pirate Hearts Ninja 2019S2

7:40 Div 2
F1 – Mongolian Death Worms vs MUF
F2 – 1.6 Condition Zero vs xXDrAg0NSL4Y3RsXx
F3 – Oblivion vs Shenron
F4 – Funny Duck Black vs Tempo
(bye: Deakin Dragons Orange)

8:50 Div 3
F1 – Funny Duck Yellow vs Deakin Dragons Red
F2 – Honey Badgers vs Ninja Smurfs
F3 – The Real Mufcoy vs Wyndham Storm
F4 – Samurai Smurfs vs Social Ultimatum
(bye: Do Stuff’n Stuff)

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