Monday games 7/5/18

Season 2 Monday games start this coming Monday 7th May!  Payment is now due, and must be paid by 14/5/18.

Round 1 games:

6:30 Div 3
F1 Oblivion vs Do Stuff’n Stuff
F2 Samurai Smurfs vs Social Ultimatum
F3 Honey Badgers vs Burwood Dragons
F4 Funny Duck Yellow vs RMIT RED BACKS

7:40 Div 1
F1 Paradigm vs Dirty Squirrels
F2 Mongolian Death Worms vs Wyndham Hurricanes
F3 MMM-Fine WIne vs Pirates Heart Ninjas
F4 Wild M&M&Ms vs Meraki

8:50 Div 2
F1 Funny Duck Black vs Ninja Smurfs
F2 The Real Mufcoy vs Shenron
F3 La Trobe University Ultimate Frisbee vs Project LAD
F4 Wyndham Storm vs Kiss Kiss bHang! bHang!

Byes: Tempo, Mocha, MUF

Divisions will rotate through the timeslots (in order) as usual.

Games will be added to the UC website soon.