Monday games Rounds 3-5

The game matchups for rounds 3-5 have been added to the Ultimate Central website.

Round 3, 21st Jan:
6:30 Div 2  /  7:40 Div 3  /  8:50 Div 1
Byes: Ninja Smurfs, Do Stuff’n Stuff

No games on 28th Jan due to Australia Day holiday.

Round 4, 4th Feb:
6:30 Div 1  /  7:40 Div 2  /  8:50 Div 3
Byes: Shenron, Social Ultimatum

Round 5, 11th Feb:
6:30 Div 3  /  7:40 Div 1  /  8:50 Div 2
Byes: Samurai Smurfs, Spin Doctors

Refer to the UC website for game details.


Due to the Grand Prix, restricted field access will (likely) commence from 18th Feb onwards. At this stage we have been advised that the fields have been allocated to other clubs until 7:30pm on Mondays, meaning we lose the early time slot. This will result in all teams having additional byes, as well as a disruption to the timeslot rotation. We will advise further once we receive confirmation from Parks Victoria whether the other clubs have taken up their field allocations. Thanks for your patience.