Monday games update

The remaining round robin games have been added to the Ultimate Central website, here.

As previously notified, we have restricted field access for the remainder of the season, as other sporting clubs have apparently taken up their field allocations. This means from 18/2/19 (inclusive) we will not have the 6:30 timeslot. Consequently the 7:40 and 8:50 timeslots will be shared across divisions, and there will be multiple byes each week. Please check the schedule carefully and do not assume, as the regular rotations do not apply. If your team is not listed for a particular week, you have a bye. Each team has 8 games and 3 byes during the regular season (hence the reduced season fee).

Games will be played at 7:40 and 8:50 on 18/2, 25/2, and 4/3.
There will be no games on 11/3 due to the Labour Day holiday, and no games on 18/3 due to the Grand Prix itself.
Games continue at 7:40 and 8:50 on 25/3, 1/4, and 8/4.
The Div 1 games which could not be played due to the lack of lights on 21/1 have been rescheduled to 1/4.
Div 1 matchups on 8/4 will be determined following the results of the previous games; intended to be (1v4), (2v3), (5v8), (6v7).

Finals night is on 15/4. The following games are proposed, based on ladder positions after 8/4:
7:40 – (1.1 v 1.2), (2.1 v 2.2), (3.1 v 3.2)
8:50 – (1.7 v 1.8), (2.8 v 2.9), (3.8 v 3.9)