Monday night Season 3 registration and team fee

The APL Monday Season 3 2018 registration opens Monday August 6, and will close on August 20 (Monday Finals Night for Season 2 2018). The season itself runs from September 3 to December 17 (15 weeks); breaks: day before Melbourne Cup Day (5 November). Successful teams will be announced by the end of Thursday August 23, and the first round of games will be announced on Monday August 27. Again there will be no relegation-promotion between the Monday League and Wednesday night Division 4.

The APLC undertook a survey to receive feedback from everyone on the League (responses to specific questions are here), with one focus of this being whether fees should be levied per team or per player. The majority of those responding to the survey preferred a team registration. Subsequently we are reverting to a single team fee, with the cost of Season 3 is set at $1300 per team. This is on average a net reduction of fees per team, and reflects the recognition that this change will increase some administrative burden on teams (we suggest your team gives your team’s administrators a discount in fees).

The additional impact of going to a team fee is that we are removing fees for pick-up players from Season 3. If a pick-up player is already playing on a team in the league then they are covered for insurance. If a player comes from outside the league, simply add them to your team. We will still survey teams as to how many pick-up players they have: this is for our information and there will be no recourse as a result. We encourage all teams to have enough players for the season: the minimum player numbers (five each gender) and the rule that players cannot register for multiple teams will still be in force.