Monday Season 3 starts 2/9

Monday Night League Season 3 starts this Monday (2/9)!

6:30 Div 1
F1 Meraki vs Mocha
F2 Mongolian Death Worms vs xXDrAg0NSL4Y3RsXx
F3 One Fine Groundhog Day vs Wyndham Hurricanes
F4 Spin Doctors vs Victoria
bye: Wild M&M&Ms

7:40 DIv 2
F1 Dirty Squirrels vs The Real Mufcoy
F2 1.6 Condition Zero vs Pirates Heart Ninjas
F3 Oblivion vs Ninja Smurfs
F4 Funny Duck Black vs Tempo
bye: Burwood Dragons

8:50 Div 3
F1 Do Stuff’n Stuff vs Social Ultimatum
F2 Funny Duck Yellow vs Samurai Smurfs
F3 Honey Badgers vs MUF
bye: Wyndham Storm

In other important news, a caretaker is required to run the league for three weeks in my absence on 16/9, 23/9, 30/9. This involves turning on and off the lights, setting up and packing up the fields (cones, scoreboards and lost property), and blowing the hooter to start/end games. If you would like to volunteer for this (whether for any one week or all three), please let us know.