Potential change to Monday League fees

We are exploring the option of implementing a single team fee as opposed to the current individual player payments. A single team fee would provide flexibility to teams in managing their player rosters, in terms of how they share costs among players (potentially being more cost effective per player for teams with large player lists), and would remove the need for pick-up payments. We recognise however that not every team will be equipped to organise a single team fee, which is why we are interested in your thoughts on this potential change.

Individual payments are currently implemented, with the following features:

  • Individuals can make their payment directly (currently $70 for Season 1 and $100 each for Seasons 2 and 3).
  • Payments for the team are managed through Ultimate Central, with individual refunds being provided by APLC via coupons or cash payments.
  • Teams with more players pay more for their place in the league.
  • A pick-up payment system, ensuring all players are covered by mandatory insurance.

Team payment has been implemented previously, but with Ultimate Central the following features are likely:

  • A single team payment would be made through UC (likely to be of the order of $900 for Season 1 and $1300 each for Seasons 2 and 3).
  • Team admins will be responsible for payment, dividing costs among players, and providing any refunds.
  • There will be no additional cost to a team for adding additional players throughout the season: they would simply need to be registered on afda.com, and added to the team player list by a team admin.
  • People who do not already play APL on Monday can just be added to the team registration, instead of paying pick-up fees.
  • “Internal” pick-ups — people on other teams in the league — will be allowed if needed. We will ask admins to record how many internal pick-ups they use from week to week. (No punitive action will be taken based on this information; it’s just a record.) We would request that internal pick-ups are only used when necessary (in the spirit of the game).
  • Subsequently no pick-up fees will be charged.

We invite people to provide feedback to the APLC on this proposal. A general survey will be published in the next few days which will provide an opportunity for feedback, as well as giving us an idea of the numbers supporting each option. Alternatively, you can contact us directly through Facebook, Twitter or via email.