Season 2 remaining Monday games

The remaining Monday games for the regular season have now been uploaded to the Ultimate Central website.

As previously noted on facebook, the byes are not evenly spaced. This is to accommodate several teams participating in Uni Nationals (1-5/7), World Clubs (14-21/7), and World Masters Clubs (29/7-4/8).

Within each division, over the regular season each team plays 12 games, plays every other team either once or twice, and has two byes.

The remaining byes are as follows:
R6, 18/6 – Wyndham Hurricanes, Shenron, Do Stuff’n Stuff.
R7, 25/6 – Social Ultimatum, Pirates Heart Ninjas, Wyndham Storm, Ninja Smurfs, Mocha.
R8, 2/7 – La Trobe University Ultimate Frisbee, RMIT RED BACKS, Oblivion, Burwood Dragons, Paradigm.
R9, 9/7 – Mongolian Death Worms, Funny Duck Black, Funny Duck Yellow.
R10, 16/7 – MUF, Dirty Squirrels, Meraki, Wild M&M&Ms, Kiss Kiss bHang! bHang!.
R11, 23/7 – Project LAD, Samurai Smurfs, Dirty Squirrels, Meraki, Wild M&M&Ms.
R12, 30/7 – Fine Wine, The Real Mufcoy, Honey Badgers.
R13, 6/8 – Social Ultimatum, Do Stuff’n Stuff, RMIT RED BACKS, Fine Wine, Shenron.
R14, 13/8 – Wyndham Storm, La Trobe University Ultimate Frisbee, Ninja Smurfs, Funny Duck Yellow, Pirates Heart Ninjas.

The divisions rotate through the timeslots in order as usual.  For R6 (18/6): 6:30 Div 1, 7:40 Div 2, 8:50 Div 3.

The matchups in each division for the finals night (20/8) will be based on the ladder positions after the conclusion of Round 14.