Wed Div 4 S2 2018 rego is open!

Registration for APL Div 4 Season 2 has now opened. Registrations will close on 29 Jul.

Please note that we are now charging a team fee instead of a player fee. This will allow clubs (especially Uni clubs) to be more flexible in how they charge their players, e.g. subsidising rookies, rotating their roster etc. The fee is currently set at $560 per team, based on $40 x 14 players, which is the same cost per player as Season 1.

Also, there are currently no plans for promotion/relegation between Div 3 and Div 4, so don’t worry about that.

The league is currently planned to run for 8 weeks, but this is subject to change depending on how many teams sign up.

Individuals who are looking for a team: you can register as a free agent, and captains will get in touch with you.